Why Dream Books WON'T Help You Understand Your Dreams

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Tap Into Inner Wisdom

Nature has what we need to support and nurture our individual healing and growth. YOU are the expert on YOU! This guide helps you tap into that inner wisdom.

Relax, Reflect, Recover

Once you can crack the code on your dreams, you'll sleep better, reduce anxiety, and confidently make heart-centered decisions that help you move forward.

Become Self-Reliant

Dream Books are of limited use since they do not take into account your unique traits and characteristics. This Guide helps you make decisions centered around YOU.

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Hello! I am Sheila Balgobin, The Dream Decipherer.

I help you to crack the code of your sleep and dreams, so you can sleep sound and dream deep!

I am a fifth-generation Dreamer, with the gift of dream interpretation and a natural intuitive. My gifts are backed up with training as a practitioner and teacher of holistic therapies and qualification as a psychotherapist.

I believe in the power of nature to heal the mind and body. I use plant-based remedies and simple techniques to help my clients reduce their stress levels, improve their sleep, and use their dreams to help create the best life possible for themselves, by encouraging clarity of thought and beneficial decisions.


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For over 25 years I have helped my clients around the world to decipher the code of their sleep and dreams – to identify the root cause(s)of their distress – and mitigate their impact on body, mind and emotions.