Journey to become a dream decipherer

I didn't start out with the intention to become a dream decipherer - it was a family gift I took for granted and even hid for many years.

I first realised that dreams were important and meant something when I was eight years old, when I dreamed about the home of one of my aunts and her six children burning down. It scared me to realise that dreams actually meant something.

Even at a young age, people talked to me about their dreams and I just "knew" what they were about, no matter how strange or outlandish they seemed.

However, it wasn't until one of my own dreams literally saved my life - from 9/11 - that I realised I needed to pay more attention to the messages they contained. I was a stockbroker working in a building attached to the Towers and walked through them every day on my journey to work and during the execution of my work.

It was then that it became apparent to me that dreams were a source of information from the deepest and wisest part of myself and that other people could be missing vital information by dismissing their dreams.

It changed my life

My Realization

During a retreat in Morocco was when I finally realized that not only were people interested in their dreams, but wanted to learn how to work with and understand them. It was only then that I finally accepted my gift and what my purpose was to be - a fifth generation Dreamer who used her dreams to help others live their best lives.

My journey back to myself continued with training and qualification as a psychotherapist, which allowed me to work with dreams in a professional setting and included my training as an energy healer to impact both sleep and dreams.

I continued to study, adding emotional intelligence and mental fitness training (Positive Intelligence) to my toolkit, all of which gave me the grounding and training necessary to help people navigate what is largely the foreign country of their unconscious, where dreams are born.

Moving further

Currently I Work With

  • Individuals who experience sleep disturbances due to dreams/nightmares
  • Counsellors/Psychotherapists who wish to have a simple, easy and effective method of working with their clients’ dreams
  • Business owners who are looking to start/grow their business but find themselves stuck
  • People who wish to learn how to crack the code of their dreams and benefit from the information they contain to move their lives forward

My mission is to share my gift of dreams to help people create their best lives.

My vision is to teach people how to crack the code of their dreams to create their best lives

To find out more about how I can help you to capture the messages hidden in your dreams, book a dream consultation and receive a free download on why dreambooks won't help you interpret your dreams


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