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Millionaire Healer Mindset Programme

Spirituality + Practicality = Abundance


But before I tell you about this exciting and unique program, let's share what a client had to say about the course.

During a one-hour session to introduce this new course to a client, she was so impressed by what she experienced that she enrolled in the program immediately!

You caught that, right?

ANU - So Excited, She Enrolled Immediately!

Anu achieved results even BEFORE she started the program
Listen to the Anu's experience

Anu achieved results even BEFORE she started the program! I love to help people’s lives shift - almost immediately! - from these simple, yet powerful techniques.

If the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program is followed exactly as designed on the App, you may start to see a shift in as little as 3 weeks (but it’s not guaranteed – everyone’s journey is different!)


  • Understand what hidden inner saboteurs are impacting your life, as well as how they are affecting your healing practice.
  • Discover how you can work less and earn more – you have the answers you require within you already and you don’t know it.
  • Make better personal and professional decisions; you will also feel more relaxed as you learn to tap into your inner Sage wisdom

Let's meet Sheila Balgobin

known as The Dream Decipherer

The Heart of the Million Healer Mindset Programme

I was born with the gift to be able to understand and decipher dreams - my first experience of this gift was when I was 8.

I am also a former stockbroker, broadcaster, trained psychotherapist, and a writer; but first and foremost, I am a healer (or to be more accurate, I facilitate healing).

I learned during my 25-plus years as a healer and therapist that service to others is a calling, but one that seems to lock healers in a mindset of lack.

I just had to do something - but what?

I knew mindset was important - but what could be done to not only change the way people thought about themselves and others but how they treated their healing practices and viewed money.

So I combined what tools I have found which helped me transform my life and my business and put them into a programme called the Millionaire Healer Mindset programme.


I was once exactly where you are this very second...

I was alone – my husband had passed away from cancer;

I was worried – my business had taken a back seat while I was a carer for my spouse and now it barely supported me;

I was apprehensive – I didn’t have long before retirement and wondered how I would be able to support myself now – as well as in the future. It came to me while working to create a new life for myself as well as rejuvenate my business after the death of my husband; I realized, from over 25 years of working with other healers, that they struggled with some of the same issues I was undergoing.

And an idea was born.

It’s not what we do that is the issue, but how we think about it that is! It’s our thoughts and feelings around our desire to serve and make a decent living in the present and future.

And that is exactly what the Millionaire Healer Mindset programme is all about - rewiring our brains to develop a new way of seeing ourselves, others, and our businesses and making better decisions as a result.

But that was just the beginning

I realized it wasn't enough to change the way I thought about my practice and abundance - I also needed practical ways of structuring my business so that it worked for ME - and not the other way around!

I went on to create a second part of the Millionaire Healer Mindset Programme - to look at how to put myself at the heart of my practice so that it was in synch with how I wished live and desired to work - all the while keeping my end goal in sight, i.e. being financially abundant. My Millionaire Healer Mindset Business course consolidates the intensive learning of the intensive 6-week programme so that this new way of thinking and being is incorporated into my practice seamlessly.

And I love to help you do the same!

I help busy, stressed, and anxious Entrepreneurs like you who are...

Introduction to the Millionaire Healer Mindset Programme

Introducing the Millionaire Healer Mindset Programme
Spiritual + Practicality = Abundance

I wish to share with you the breakthrough tools that helped me restart my life and rejuvenated my business.

The techniques used in the programme are simple, yet very powerful; so much so that it shows the brain is literally rewired on MRI scans.

And it’s done in just minutes a day….a couple of hours a week for six weeks - but you have to be willing to commit to completing the programme exactly as designed, it’s a short programme, so intensive practice is required.

Ready to get results like this?

Let me share Sherine’s story with you; she had a major breakthrough with regard to her health following our work together. Sherine was a student on a dream interpretation course I facilitated - here’s what she thought about the course.

Video Poster Image

Would you like to experience similar results like those of Anu and Sherine?

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What Do You Get for Your Investment?

Here’s what you get for your investment in Millionaire Healer Mindset Programme...

This programme offer in 2 parts that runs over 12 weeks long.(2x6 weeks)

Part 1)  Ap for Mental Fitness Training + 1 Hour Video and 1/ Hour per week  Q&A + 1/2 hour  exercises per week.

Part 2) MHM Course 1 Hour Q&A + 30-45 min of Various Assignments.

Millionaire Mindset Programme


Walk-in Abundance

  • See the Abundance that Surrounds You
    In this week's meditation, you will walk and notice all the abundance that surrounds you, and find an object to help you remember that you walk in abundance at all times


Money Magnet Meditation

  • See the Wealth That is Already Yours
    This meditation will help you see money flowing to you - more than you can imagine!


Focus without Fear

  • Shift Your Focus and Change Your Life
    This lesson helps you focus on what you DO desire, rather than what you don't!


Abundantly Clear

  • Gain Clarity on What You Desire
    You are becoming more and more clear on what it is you choose to manifest


Innovate don't Imitate

  • Be Yourself - No One Does You Better!
    Your unique gifts and talents can be shared with the world by no one else - instead of hiding or belittling them, step up and step out! The world needs what only you can offer.


Reclaim Your Power

  • Ready, Set, Now Go!
    You've been given everything you need to strengthen your mental fitness "muscles" and develop your Millionaire Healer Mindset - now the time has come to live your dreams!


The Millionaire Healer Mindset

  • Let's Go Now
    Put into Practice with regards to continuing this eye-opening journey of self-discovery and how you think about abundance.

Take a Sneak Peek at What You'll Get!

Do you need to feel sure this is right for you? Have a look at week 0 of the programme, which describes the various components of the programme!

  1. Find out who your hidden "financial assassins" are in a free 5-minute Positive intelligence (PQ) assessment:
  2. To get a flavour of what the F.A.I.R. Abundance Activator is about, check out the videos below:
Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

You will receive these amazing Bonuses!!!


Dream Life Combination Essence

1 x 10ml Dream Life Combination Vibrational Essence blend - this blend of vibrational essences are liquid affirmations to encourage your dreams and help you to remember them.


30-day Online Dream Journal

You will also receive a 30-day Dream Journal, to help you to document and remember the information your inner Sage wants you to know -- as well as jot down any ideas, thoughts, or images that will lead you to your abundance.


2 Month Supply of SOUL Nutritional Supplement

A 60-day supply of Soul Nutritional supplements drink from Rain International that helps you increase your focus and energy. It boosts your immune system, improves your thinking ability, and has more energy... all necessary for running a successful practice!

When you feel better you think better. Because if you have a healthy body, you will have a healthy mind.


Spirit of Makasutu Essences Blossoming Soul Healing Affirmation Cards

1 Set Spirit of makasutu essences blossoming soul healing affirmation cards to reinforce your new positive mindset and support your spiritual development.


1 x 1 ¼ hr personal therapy session with me: EITHER a
Crystal Healing Session OR Karuna Reiki Healing (online).

We are crystalline beings, we have calcium in our bones, iron in our blood, or may need lithium to balance our moods; so it makes sense that crystals can be used to impact our health and wellbeing.


What is Your Investment in the Programme?

So…are you ready to work less and live more - and earn well while you do it?

I can hardly wait for you to see what’s waiting for you on this unique and amazing programme!

The investment that depends on you: Individual or Group Rates are available payment plans can be arranged.

Join comfortably with our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money-back guarantee. There’s literally no risk involved because you’re backed by our 7-day money-back guarantee- no questions asked!

Buy it, try it, apply it. You’re backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.


This programme is different because!

6 Weeks

6 Weeks in-depth training portion of the course

7 Video Lessons

Learn to know mudras or hand yoga

7 Audio Lessons

Listen anytime, put your headphones in. Find your comfort and meditate.

Weekly Support

In weekly sessions with Sheila, you can ask a question that is personalized to you.

Millionaire Healer Mindset

Get a community that supports healers and is a great place to ask a question.

This program is a perfect fit for you if you are...

  • You are a mature healer with a small practice
  • You’re on your own (divorced, widowed, empty-nester) and you’re worried about current and future finances.
  • You’re physically tired, emotionally drained and feel stressed as retirement comes closer
  • You often find yourself in a negative mindset
  • You’re in the pre-/post-menopausal phase of your life
  • You’re committed to following the 6-week intensive program exactly, in order to get the most benefit from it

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? I’m happy to answer them!

Amazing Results Obtained

Look at the wonderful success these clients have had - and you can have too!

Dr. Marion Bevington

Rooted grounded dynamic power-house! That's me now!!

Sheila heard I was in need of some support and it's given me a reconnection to me, and inner strength, rooted in the ground of my own being and connected to all love.

It's A HUGE THANK YOU to the Essence Enchantress SHEILA BALGOBIN

Dr. Miriam Sekandi

This lady right here is truly THE Dream Decipherer!!! I am never one who ever remembers my dreams. It must mean that it was important enough for me to remember it!

The biggest lesson I learned is not to just google what a dream means because this was generic not MY dream.

If it feels there is more to it than what is coming up for you, please connect with Sheila and she will help you decipher that dream.

Well done Sheila!

Irene Elliott

I’m a client of Sheila's and I have known Sheila for many years and worked with her in a professional capacity and as a client. I've had different treatments from her over the years and more recently we did some work around my dreams.

And do you know what I've not had that dream since and that has been the first time,

I can highly recommend her, she is so professional but so approachable and empathic and very, very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her.

Thank you, Sheila”

Irene Elliott, Shiatsu Practitioner


I'm going through a bit of a life change now setting up a business and taking a new direction and I've been having quite vivid dreams and I want to understand what they mean and if they're telling me something because of business.

As you know you have to use intuition and gut work. I think dreams issue you the messages, I just don't know what the message is!

I started with fear panic help as the main message people scaremongering opinions deter me from what I want to do with my life…

Going through the dream with Sheila helped me to see that I should listen to advise and take all the precautions but I shouldn't react and abandon ideas and abandon my heart and what I want to do.

Linda Perry

When the essence first arrived in the post, I could feel its energy strength through the envelope, as I order lots of things online I assumed straight away it must be your essence and not something else. I sat with the essence for a bit in quite a meditation and found I felt very relaxed and calm, the best way for me to describe it was to liken it to a recent experience so for me here in the west country it was like lying in the sun, on a quiet beach, feeling the warmth and baking my body in the rays of sunshine, clearing my mind and listening to the wind and waves. Total relaxation.

Your essence arrived just at the right time (as I know these things do) and in taking it I was able to follow through and change this mindset.

What an amazing essence, oh one thing I forgot to share is I wasn't consciously aware of this at the time of taking the essence, I just took it and carried on, it's only on reflection that I can see how this supported me, which was interesting because after my doing doing doing doing, I rested again and this is when I realized.

If you're good to go, just click below and JOIN!

It's my desire and mission to help others to remove the root causes of their lack of abundance and see them prosper, both now and in the future when they no longer are working


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