Did You Know That Animals Can Dream Too?

Mar 07, 2023

Do Animals Dream?


o animals dream? It’s a question that has been posed for centuries, and continues to be debated even today. While we cannot definitively answer if animals dream or not, one thing is certain: animals often display behaviors in their sleep that indicate dreaming. Studies show that animals experience rapid eye movement (REM), the same type of dreaming that humans have, and their brains exhibit similar patterns of activity to those found in humans during sleep.


If you have a pet you know that they dream -- hissing or barking in their sleep or legs working furiously as if they are running or digging for something. While it is accepted that mammals dream, current research indicates that other animals dream as well. Lab rats have been observed to exhibit behavior that indicates they are dreaming, A researcher in the Amazon has been studying funnel spiders and it would appear that they dream as well -- though what they may be dreaming about is a total mystery.


While it’s impossible to interpret the dreams of animals, dream interpretation can be used to better understand our relationships with them and may even provide some insight into human dreaming.


While we may never definitively know what animals dream about, dream interpretation can help us gain a better understanding of our animals’ behaviors and feelings. Dream interpretation can provide us with valuable insight into our relationships with our animals, as well as provide us with powerful healing tools. With dream interpretation, our understanding of our animals can be deepened, and our relationships with them (and ourselves) can be enriched.

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